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Soul Motivators Gemma Remixes


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Producer/DJ from Toronto, Canada best known for creating ruff street beats over dark ethereal soundscapes. Influenced by tru-skool hip hop, leftfield electronica, skate culture, and everything in between. One of the original founders of Gemma Records, Triplet has been pushing the boundaries of music you can shake your ass and your brain to for over a decade.



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Suges is a soulful deep house producer that you may or may not have heard of, depending on whether you like soulful deep house or not. Clearly he's in need of a logo.

The D.A.V.E.

the d.a.v.e.

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The Department of Audio Visual Experiments (The D.A.V.E.) is dedicated to the delivery of a robust and pleasurable sensory experience, and driven by a love for audio/visual stimulation. Through its unyielding research and development of "the groove," The D.A.V.E. intends to induce head-bopping, booty-shaking, hot stepping, smiling, lip-biting, funk-facing, copulation, world peace, and universal harmony.